Tuesday, September 8, 2009

as the season changes

Theres a feel of fall in the air today, -well has been for a week or so now-but it seems to be more pronounced today. Not a waiting in the wings feel, more of an 'I am here' feel:-)I love this time of year, the air takes on a bit of a crisp feeling, the leaves are beginning to change- my red maple has had red leaves for a week now on it-.The urge to cook up a roast in the crook pot , i am making pork and sauerkraut tomorrow, my all time favorite fall comfort meal, and I am also making some sweet potato bread - so yummy-.
I have been lighting my apple cinnamon candle during school time it fills the air with a yummy relaxed smell- those flowery candles give me a mad headache so I love the spicy ones:-)-.
Oh an lets not forget football- GO RAVENS!!!-.And all the purple and black that is all over town this time of year. We had a Ravens pepralley at my moms this weekend to celebrate the beginning of the gridiron season:-) Here in ole' Balmore Hon, we are Wacco For Flacco;-)My cousin also is in his senior year of high school and is on the football team he has been approached by a couple of college coaches so who knows where that will lead but its exciting for him.

How about you how are you doing things different as the season changes, are you looking forward to a fun cozy meal, curling up by a fire, roasting chestnuts, picking apples, or cheering on the football teams.


BECKY said...

Hi Gal! I am fallin' it up around here a little bit at a time, and having a ball! Still have some projects to finish (as always!) I made a pot roast a few days ago, and will soon be making some soup!!
It's pretty hot down here, but I will have fall in my heart and home!

Have a wonderful week, hon'! Thanks for always being a sweetie and leaving kind comments! You're a ray of sunshine!!!


Anne Marie said...

Hey Toni-

thanks for stopping by the farm today......and to answer your question, the tune is an Irish Reel I believe.....

glad you are feeling 'bouncy'

MommyK said...

I love fall! I love everything about it--the changing leaves, the blue of the sky, the coolness of the air, the smells, the colors. However, this year I'm feeling slightly sad because this is the last fall I'll have with both kids at home--next fall, my oldest heads to kindergarten.

Madeline said...

I love fall! We're getting so many glimpses of it here, and I just can't wait for that cool crisp air.

Beverly said...

oh I love fall! Lucky you to be able to experience it so beautifully. It is hot here for ever. We have been blessed with rain the last few days so it makes it a bit fall like with a tad cooler weather. I have been burning my fall candle too, so nice brings me back memories of living back in PA.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love Fall!! I love the smell of my favorite candle as well!

Enjoy your weekend!

outdoor.mom said...

i have been wanting to cook soups and crisps :-) mmm.... what you are making sounds good! Wow, today we had an Indian Summer day and i headed to the beach with Catman though.