Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sweet potato bread

wanted to share this with you all a friend sent it to me, and we are making it later today. It is very yummy, i tried hers. We are into baking mode here my favorite thing to do and this is the time of year for it:-)This is so good with a nice cup of tea out on the porch in the afternoon while the baby is napping and the others are playing in the woods across the street. A perfect me time indulgence:-)


Blessings each day said...

Thanks for this wonderful recipe, Toni, I am anxious to try it but will use a bundt pan and see what happens.

Fall really does make you feel like baking, doesn't it?

blessings and hugs,


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Never heard of sweet potato bread! But I'm sure if it's anything like pumpkin, I would love it as much as you! Great recipe, thanks for sharing.

Beverly said...

sounds wonderful! said...

mmmm.... that looks like a great recipe!!