Thursday, September 3, 2009

daddy long legs has dinner

While Doug and the others where in Pennsylvania, Shawn and Madeline and I had dinner at my moms house, she is such a good cook its always a treat. While we where there we witnessed a daddy-long legs, get his dinner too:-) He is here under the bench on her deck with a caterpillar which he stunned.We where all so fascinated by this dinner was held off till we where done watching this guy get his meal.

Now to haul this caterpillar up the side of the house to his home in the eaves for dinner later.

This was very neat to watch, nature in action, I had actually never seen a daddy-long legs actually catch anything. I was as excited as the kids Shawn as you see was enthralled.I always feel so amazed when I see gods perfect world in action and am invited to witness it.


Madeline said...

Oh, how cool! Love that you thought it was interesting. Too many mommas would have just said "Eww, gross."

Anonymous said...

Wish. I. Wasn't. Eating. Breakfast.... said...

oh wow! this is soooo cool!! my kids would have loved seeing that. I bet your kids think you are a cool mom ;-)