Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a Friend We have in Jesus

after reading a sweet blog post today this hymn has been in my head so I had to share it here with all of you. This will also be our copy/memory passage this week.I pray we never forget we are never alone and he is the one friend who is always with us.


Jenny said...

I love that song! My daughter always wants me to sing it to her.

Molly @ Star Cottage said...

Hey Toni, Thanks so much for the encouraging comment today! This is a lovely song, thanks for sharing it with all of us.
Molly said...

oh i love that one! thanks so much for sharing it. its a nice tune to be playing in my brain. perhaps it will replace that lady having the temper tantrumn in there.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

This was one of my father's favorite hymns. I wrote about it awhile back. I love playing this song on the piano, it's simple and yet so powerful at the same time. Oh for all of us to have a friend like this!! Enjoy your day!

Blessings each day said...

Such a sweet song and so true, but my curious nature now wonders what Blog inspired you?



BECKY said...

Hi Gal!! I love this hymn, too!! What an awesome friend He is.

I hope you have a joyful weekend, and feel Him very close to you, sweetie!!


Madeline said...

Such a good song! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy DG said...

This is so true, I love the song! I love the idea of Thanksgiving in July! Hope you make the pumpkin crisp! :)