Monday, June 1, 2009

Making summer plans

we set down during lunch notebook in hand and made a list of what we would like to do this summer. I thought it would be a simple list, it turned into a ten page book:-) But we put everything in there.Simple stuff, places to go, things to learn, chores to do-yes there are some that are summer time chores-like power washing the porch-.

Anyhow here's a few things on the list.

1. eat lots of watermelon

2. catch lightening bugs.

3. teddy bear picnic- we actually did this today-

4. Go to Rocks State Park and go tubing.

5. Go to Washington D.C.

6. fix up our boat.

7. have a wiffle ball tournament with the family.

8. Make ice cream.

9. go to the outdoor free concerts at the local high school

10. go to the drive-in.

11. go to an Orioles or Ironbirds game.

12. canoeing at the nature center.

13. camping.

14. roast marshmallows often.

15. hike the C&O Canal trail

16. Give Bandit a bath.

17. library reading program

18. Vacation Bible School

19. Have a garden tea party

20. Go to Calvertt Cliffs to hunt for sharks teeth.

21. pick strawberries and make jam.

22. swimming in the pool.

23. snowballs- sky blue yummo !!

24. stargazing

25. make and blow our own bubbles.

26. make and hang bathouses.

That's a very condensed version of the list. Should be a fun and activity filled summer. What fun do you have planned for this fun time of year.


Beverly said...

oh, sounds like so much fun and busy too! Teddy bear picnic sounds so much fun!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Ten pages??? I like the eat watermelon one! Bought some today! I asked my 12 year old what he would like to do for the summer and he said he wanted to get to level nine on a computer game he plays. I told him there will be more than just playing computer games! Great list. Hope you get through most of them!

Lori said...

Now that sounds like the start of a great summer!! What else could you have on that list??

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

We're in the middle of making a list like this, too! We're calling it our Summer Fun List. :) said...

what a great idea!!!! i think i will make a list with the kids too.

Blessings each day said...

Love your summer list of things to do...gave me the idea to do one for us.

You have a very nice Blog site and I enjoyed my visit very much.



Madeline said...

Fun plans! Can't wait to see the posts about all those adventures.

Beth said...

Wow! I might just swipe your list--your summer sounds like so much fun!

Here is one way to fit more marshmallow roasting into your lives: Use a toothpick and mini marshmallows and roast them over a candle. We love to do this with dolls (or teddies), especially when the power goes out due to summer thunderstorms!

Molly @ Star Cottage said...

Great list. We like to make one too. It's way more fun now that the kids can give suggestions. I hope you find the time to do it all.