Saturday, June 20, 2009

count your blessings

Lately things have been a bit stressed around here because of finances, with everything going up except our paycheck our budget is so super tight, it hurts. My hubby is very stresses and worries, he is our soul provider and likes it that way, but he wishes to be able to do more .But we have much and wanting more sometimes causes us to overlook that.

I have been reminded of the bible verse- cannot remember which exact one it is - that talks about God clothed the flowers in the field surely he will take care of you-.

So i have been counting our blessings instead of thinking of what we don;t have I instead think of what we do and thank god everyday for all he has given us, he will provide what we need. He has always come through for us- though he does sometimes wait till the very last moment to do it, he never forsakes us.

The blessings I have been counting include:

I got up today, which means God has given me another chance, I can see my kids, I can kneel to pray- thoguh getting up is harder these days-, I can smell the rain and cornbread in the oven, I can think and feel and read . God has given me a day to be the best I can be FOR HIM. To reach out to ohters, to do my best.I try to remember when god has blessed us so much he expects something in return, its not a free for all ride, with nothing expected from us.

Our kids are healthy and strong very energetic but they are all here with us and doing wonderfully, that is a great blessing.They are our greatest gift of all.I can read stories to them, play soccer or wiffle ball in the yard, blow bubbles or finger paint. Or just sit back and watch them create.

Jesus who walks with us everyday, theres a line in a song I keep singing it goes- 'Keep Walking Your not Alone in This World'- and I know no matter how hopeless it seems he is right here all the way.What better friend is there then that.

my family who is very close to us, takes the kids everywhere and is always doing wonderful things and blessing us in wonderful ways. My mom, sends watermelon and all kinds of treats and stuff for the kids ,or my uncle who supplies us with bread- he is a district manager for Martins Potato Bread- .My cousins who always help us out with childcare, or other things.
And just having them to be with is wonderful they are our best friends and who we hang with the most in our free time.

Our house and neighborhood, we live in the type of neighborhood where everyone still knows each other and helps each other out, we have bon-fires and picnics and the kids are abel to ride up and down the street and many eyes are watching them. My kids know every dog,cat, frog, turtle etc in the neighborhood too:-)

There are many more some are small or silly, my pantry and freezer are filled, we have some red tomatoes on the vines already, going to the playground , getting a slushy etc..
But a blessing does not have to be big to be felt or counted.

Look around I bet you will find blessings in places you had not ever looked before:-)


Madeline said...

What an inspiring post! Thank you!! We're poor as church mice around here, and sometimes it really gets to me. But, God always provides, and life truly is a beautiful blessing! On days when I get down about finances, I do what you just did and try to focus on what I do have. It works like a charm!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful blessings you have in your life.

Shannon said...

I'm trying to help my husband re-think things. He's always gone with very little, so having a steady, decent-enough paying job he wants wants wants. And it was okay when we both were working. But now that he is the sole bread-winner, it's more difficult to do. He's slowly learning that as long as we have the things we need, and we are all healthy, there's no reason to keep acquiring things. We can't take those things with us when we go.

t.t. millers said...

This was a great post Toni! We have been struggling because I quit my job and we are missing the extra income. I have been praying to God to give me some answers. Don't you know the next day a woman called me and asked me to watch her two children when she goes back to work in September! God does provide!!

dongdong said...

what a great post! Love your attitude. said...

oh i know how you feel!! i am working on being thankful in the midst of cut backs as well. some days go better than others. my sister is too (and they turned off the internet) it was quite traumatic for me as she was my bloggie buddie and we live a long way from each other. the best thing i can say to encourage you is to find ways to sow in the midst of adversity. you've already got the other part figured out pretty well. you go girl!!

The Whites said...

What a beautiful post! I enjoyed reading about your blessed life. I too am thankful for all God has given us.


Cadance said...

Having your pantry and freezer full are no small things! I am always thankful for things like that! I love taking a look and remembering all we have to be thankful for! You are blessed to have such a wonderful family near by! and wonderful friends and neighbors!! thanks for sharing!