Monday, June 15, 2009

Lydia is growing

Our sweet little Lydia has been with us three weeks now is not so little anymore. She eats alot and is growing fast. It is such a pleasure to raise her and watch how serious the kids have taken this responsibility of raising her.I know when she decides to venture into the river and swim with the other ducks they will be misty eyed, but, they can be proud .She would not of made it without them.

Madeline and Grace loving on her. She follows them like they are her mother. Very cute.

swimming in the pond we made her in our step 2 kiddie pool she loves it eats tons of mosguitos while in it dives and scoots all around. Nice to see her being a duck:-) She is growing big her adult feathers are begining to come in, so in the next few weeks she will be ready to venture into our river , she has been back to a pond in the fields across the street and is liking that alot. She likes eating the tiny tadpoles and pond grasses.

building her a pen so she can be out in the yard without us all the time, it is moveable so we can move it around a bit and keep it interesting for her. She is out in the yard all the time with the kids she goes in here when they are not with her so she can be safe .


Beverly said...

oh, she is too cute! You have such sweet kids!

Madeline said...

Oh, how cute!!

Blessings each day said...

Such a precious little and beautiful bundle! What a great experience for your children too!


marcy said...

oh neato!! fun and double fun. i also love your new photo on the tippy top of your blog

dongdong said...

so cute!

Yaya said...

She's so cute!