Friday, June 26, 2009

homeschool review

we did our review this afternoon and are good for another year:-) We use an umbrella to oversee us so the state really has nothing to do with what we do and I like it that way. We march to our own drum and sometimes it can seem like we aren;t doing anything, but when you hang with us and talk with us and see what we are doing we are doing so much, it often surprises people- myself included.-.I am often surprised at how much we did every year when I write up our resources, books read , field trips etc and put togehter our reports and projects.

We do peer reviews in our group which means one of the other families reviews us, and one of our dear friends - who I grew up with- meets me at the park and we do each others review. And the kids play and we visit and lunch a while and recharge ourselves, sharing stories of the adventures we have been on and trading ideas and how tos, it is a most enjoyable day and I look forward to it each year.

Now to start planning next year I want to begin Latin and am looking to get Latina Christina, or Prima Latin- which is for younger kids-. I think we re also going to dabble in Greek I found a study of the book of John and it is using the Greek translation so I thought it would be interesting to explore a bit and learn the gospels a bit better too. Same with sing-language we have been learning that using verses and hymns.I love the planning process of school and love pouring over material it is so exciting to me.


Molly @ Star Cottage said...

How cool to have a close friend from your childhood, to connect with, to grow together, share ides and compare notes with, on your homeschool journey as Moms.
I have so much to learn. I am so thankful to have found you and other homeschool mommies in blogland. What a blessing.

dongdong said...

that is awesome you have peer reviews. I'd love to know more how that works. Do you both use similar curriculum or use some standard for review?

wow, greek and latin. Good for you!

The Whites said...

We're preparing for next fall too. I'm glad to have a little summer break first!

Mandy said...

oh you are ambitious!! this time of the year the kids are ASKING to start school so they can have some hunting season off and i am plugging my ears saying "la la la i can't hear you". ug and double ug greek, latin?! gosh and double gosh i wish i had your drive. i bet you will have some very learned graduates in a few years.

Madeline said...

Sounds like y'all have a great homeschooling system worked out. I'm with you on less is more when it comes to state involvement.
Sometimes people think that homeschooling should be like "real" school...very rigid and structured. I'm always glad to see people who recognize that there is another (better) way to do things.
Good luck with planning!

Beverly said...

glad you all had a great year! You guys do so much and have such fun! I enjoy seeing all the things you do and reading about your beautiful famliy!