Sunday, June 14, 2009

Under the weather

It has been a rough two days here, Grace ad Shawn have been sick. Madeline twisted her ankle at softball Friday night and Adam pinched his leg on the swings at the playground.

So everyone has been laying around and watching movies- thanks to god for the huge collection of DVDs we where gifted with earlier this spring-., reading stories- we read alot yesterday-, and listening to the radio. We have played cards, and checkers, and colored and used our play dough. WE did go for a walk last night just to get fresh air.

Oh well we are on the mend and will be ourselves soon.


Lori said...

My, when it rains and pours. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend and I pray that you are all up and better soon!

Madeline said...

Oh, my. So sorry to hear that. Glad y'all are on the mend. Levi woke up sick today. I'm praying that it's a short lived illness.
Love your new header picture!

Blessings each day said...

Hope eveyone is feeling better your new Header picture!



Beverly said...

love the new header photo! Hope everyong is feeling better soon!