Wednesday, June 10, 2009

taking on the jellies

Yesterday I took the kids to The National Aquarium right here in downtown Baltimore. It was Adam's birthday and we always do something fun on birthdays. And thanks to generous grandparents we have a yearly membership to go, so off we went. The new exhibit was the jelly fish and we wanted to see them. So off we went. The kids stopped by the dolphin Fountain outside for a pose.

of course one of the biggest attractions- for my kids anyhow- is the rows of bubble tubes as you come in these are part of the filter system of the aquarium.Shawn sett there for over 20 minutes just in awe of them.

the jellie fish exhibit was breath taking, I had no idea how wonderful they where, I only knew of getting stung every year when we went to the shore home my grandmother had by the bay.- those little nettles where there too-. My kids where awestruck by them, it was a fun visit.Shawn loved that the tanks where floor to ceiling so he could see everything very easily.


Molly @ Star Cottage said...

Cool exhibit. What an awesome way to spend the day. I have always been afraid of jelly fish myself.

BTW it's been a way to long since I popped in. I love the new layout.

Blessings each day said...

Our Aquarium is so much fun too, but exhausting to go through all of the five huge exhibits.

Your children are just adorable...the cutest part of the exhibit pictures!



Beverly said...

oh that looks like so much fun! Bet they had so much fun!

Cadance said...

OH...I ♥ Jelly fish!!! They are my favorite to look at! When we lived in Las Vegas we would go to the Mandalay Bay Hotel (where my husband worked) and visit their Shark Reef...they had the most beautiful Jelly Fish was back-lite by a hot pink light...they look SOOO beautiful swimming in there!

....have you seen the movie Seven Pounds? It is a beautiful story...sad but so thought provoking! It has a surprising tie to Jelly-fish!

...and thanks for stopping by and visiting & for the sweet comment! come by any time!! =)

Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun! Our Itty Bit loves to go to Cabela's to see their huge fish tank and feed them. The pictures look like the display was mesmerizing!

CaraBee said...

I love the aquarium! I plan to take my daughter there just as soon as she is old enough to justify the insane ticket prices.

Madeline said...

Jelly fish are so gorgeous!! A tad scary but gorgeous. What a fun exhibit.