Sunday, August 16, 2009

Riding the Rails

we went to the Straushbugrh railroad with my mom and stepdad two weeks ago, after our visit to the Choo-Choo barn we went to ride the big trains.

Having a cool drink in the shade while we waited for our ride to come. And some of the big engines across the street at The Strausburgh Train Museum.

Here comes our train:-) The kids where very excited to see this old iron horse come around the bend:-)

All Aboard!!!For a fun ride:-)

some of the farms we rode through it was a very scenic ride.

Our conductor collecting tickets.. when we jokingly said Grace did not have one he said all the kids with no tickets got to go to the candy and chocolate car:-) Very funny, Grace laughed :-) She is my sweets girl so just a joke will make her eyes light up:-)

This was such a fun trip, the kids liked the trains and it was not very hot, a perfect afternoon.


BECKY said...

Hi Toni!! That sounds like it was a lot of fun!! Love your photos, and love old trains!! I have yet to ride on one, but sure want to. There is one in a town about 50 minutes away.

The kids are too cute!

Hope you have a wonderful week!!

Anonymous said...

How fun!

Madeline said...

Awesome! Levi would be in hog heaven. If he even hears a train, he starts saying, "Choo-choo"!

pam said...

How awesome! Looks like a great family time. My kids would be so excited!!

Beverly said...

Oh Noah would love to go on that train. How fun for the kids.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Sounds like a perfect thing to do with the kids! Glad it wasn't too hot!

Julie said...

we love the strasburg railroad! we ar ehoping to go this year when Thomas the Tank engine is there!!