Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monster Truck Jam

Grace, Adam, and Doug are headed up to Lancaster Pennsylvania for a monster truck jamboree, at Bucks Motorsports. It should be a fun time it has drizzled all day and poured last night so should be a very muddy show- it is all outside-. Adam's favorite truck is Grave Digger though he won;t be there tonight, but Bounty Hunter will and he likes him to . They are going to get there in time for the pit party, where they can go around and meet the drivers and see the trucks very up close. I hope they have a fab time.Then they are going to Willow Valley to stay the night, should be a fun date for dad for those two.

Madeline,Shawn and I are going to my moms for a Ravens pep rally, they have a preseason game tonight,so we will be all purple and black hurrah:-)So we should all have a wonderful night.

Hope all of you are having fun this weekend too.