Saturday, August 29, 2009

our new nephew Connor

this is our new nephew Connor Thomas, born on June 20th:-) He is such a peach. He looks so much like his big brother Patrick- in the picture with him-. And like my kids , especially the boys.

My sis in law has quit her job and is staying home full time. Prayers for her please in this transition. She had a hard time being home before, so I am praying for her. She is an on the go person who has a hard time sitting or being home all the time. Those four walls can close in quick sometimes, I know.So I pray for the love of Christ to fill her and warm her and help her as she raises and guides these little ones . Help her find strengh in those times of stress and to find peace in the decision she has made. By raising her children she is fulfilling what God is calling her to do. And she will have a great reward in the joy those sweet boys can bring. I pray to , for me to be a support system for her, and talk to her often, and have her for tea as much as we can.And when needed just listen to her needs, concerns, and day to day life.


Anonymous said...

He's so cute! said...

oh sweet!!! i love babies!!

Beverly said...

he is so cute