Friday, August 21, 2009

beginning of a new school sesson

Yes its getting to be that time of year again. Time to crack the books and dive into our schooling. We have been doing spelling and handwriting, and math review the last two weeks. We will be adding in Geography next week, which begins with making a paper mache globe so it will be fun and messy and this time of year is good for those kinds of things we can do outside. we are also beginning Chemistry as well. WE are going to do some fun messy stuff with that at first to.

In two weeks Madeline is taking a Mandarin Chinese class at the Community College- she asked to learn Chinese which is out of my scope of knowledge and the college offers fun home school/youth classes, so we are doing it- , which will be for six Mondays theres a nice park near by we can play at while she is there, and Grace can work on her school if she needs to.Madeline is also doing pottery on Tuesday nights she loves art and took a summer class and will continue this fall.

Adam is doing soccer and Grace is doing ballet/tap again this year her teacher moved her up to a more advanced class- which is a great thing- and now she will be going on Wednesday evenings, same time as Adam's soccer games so we will be splitting up for those nights. Thankfully soccer and Chinese end in November .So I think that's when we will begin our Latin studies here, I think over the winter is good when we are in the house more and can concentrate on it.We are also taking a sewing class once a month with one of the home school moms- another good winter activity- and participating in a home school bowling league on Fridays twice a month- this should be a lot of fun and is a good way to meet others and stay active in the chilly fall/winter-.

I mean honestly as homeschoolers we have time to learn we don;t have to be done in a certain amount of time. Which is one of the things I love about being homeschoolers. The ability to go off on a whim and delve in to the interest of the children and still have time for our academic studies. we are doing The Civil War this year , which leads itself to many projects field trips- we have many battle sites and reenactments in the area-.

OH well off to begin reading Uncle Tom;s Cabin with the kids, and begin making some costumes, should be interesting.Who will be the Yankee and who will be the rebel.We have a Harriet Tubman play set they have had out for two days now and have read the story included as well as The Drinking Gourd and Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry. So we are on our way to a great year.

After a fun filled summer of adventure-when we planned on doing nothing:-)-. It is nice to settle in to the routines of home life and school. -of course by Thanksgiving we will need a break:-)-.


Michelle said...

Wow Toni, sounds like you are getting off to a wonderful start. I love it that you have incorporated so many diverse learning aspects! Chemistry should be a lot of fun, if you need any pointers, feel free to contact me or check out the Chemistry experiments we did on my blog:

Good luck with your school year, sounds like a great, fun time to be had by all! :-)

Michelle said...

oh wow you are one busy mom!! its nice you have all that stuff accessable to your family :-) I also love your new top family blog photo!

Madeline said...

Your kids sound very cool! I love that homeschooling allows kiddos to be themselves and pursue their own interests.

A House FULL of Grace said...

Thanks for joining my list of followers. I look forward to getting to know you. I loved reading about the scope of your homeschooling work. You have some great ideas. I can't wait to do some of those things when my kiddos are a little older.

Blessings to you this week...


Beverly said...

you are busy this school year. sounds like a great start!