Thursday, August 27, 2009

look whos stopping by today:-)

I wonder who I will meet today. Perhaps a group of silly kids, looking for tickles and hugs.

Perhaps an Indian Princess will stop our way, and tell us a tale over cornbread.

maybe a couple of sweet looking girls, a bride and a princess. Looking for some tea and scones:-)

maybe a pirate who has lost his hat and uses a chewed tennis ball instead until you can help him locate the original hat:-)

May be a cowboy will stop in for some grub, or a ladybug looking for a flower with some aphids:-)

You never know who might come visit:-) It is always fun and never boring:-)It reminds me that when Jesus comes he is usually in the form of someone other then himself. So we must always be kind and welcoming to all who pass through our lives. I always try to remember no one we meet is by accident they are all placed in our path for a reason, some we may only see once for a minute but that minute is meant to be.


Yaya said...

This post is so cute! And I love your new header!

Beverly said...

looks like a ton of fun. Noah would love to come and play!

BECKY said...

What a lovely sentiment, Toni! What an adorable post! Just made me smile real big!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! The days speed by so fast!!

Love and hugs,
Becky said...

cute dress up!! my kids have so much fun dong that!!