Monday, August 10, 2009

our swallowtail caterpillers

I had not seen the three we had in the garden for a long time and had thought the birds had eaten them.But I was out picking tomatoes and happened upon this fellow hanging on what was left our dill- i had planted it just for them so it was okay. He is huge and seems to be getting ready to cocoon soon. I am thinking he will be sleeping this fall/winter and emerge next spring.

Not sure where the other two are - well I do know our duckling had one for lunch, though I will never tell the kids;-}- . And this fellow may well be one laid by the many butterflies we have in the yard on our flowers and butterfly bushes, but, that's okay.We think he is quite spectacular all the same.:-)


BECKY said...

You have to show us if you find the cocoon!! Cool pic,
gal!! I just love to see how big God is in such little creations!!

Have a lovely week!

Yaya said...

I just love butterflies!

Beverly said...

I hope he makes it! yes, you will have to show pics.

Blessings each day said...

Your duckling is still around? How wonderful!

How sweet that you planted some dill for the caterpillars!

blessings and hugs,


Madeline said...

That brings back memories of "raising" caterpillars. They are so cool to watch! said...

very neat!!

Cindy DG said...

Very neat!
Dropping in to say HI from Veg Mamma! Thanks for being a follower!