Thursday, August 20, 2009

Praising our Savior in Sand

While at the beach we walked to the sand sculpture, that is always there- it changes,but it is always a testimony to the Lord .My kids just set on the beach and looked at it for a long time, it just brings such peace over you . Honestly while at the ocean and walking the boardwalk, I feel a huge amount of sinful ways weighing on me- not all things are but a lot of it is-.and this just draws me to the Lord as I pray it does to many - some who may never have encountered him before.

the artist web site, I always am impressed when folks give their gifts to the Lord without question. How blessed they are, and how often do I question everything ? To have the faith to just go and do as we are called, is wondrous. I know I tend to be a doubting Thomas at times- as we all do-. and others I hesitate wondering if this is right or if its good ' for me' , those times when I just step in faith it all works for the good.

every time we go to the beach we make a special trip to see the latest creation and are always amazed- last time it was Moses parting the Red Sea-. The artist leaves free bibles and a collection jar for donations all alone on the beach for those who care to take one.


Blessings each day said...

Oh, how beautiful, Toni...thank you so much for sharing this and thank You Lord for people like this man who do these things and people like Toni who share them!

blessings and hugs,

marcy said...

that was so neat!! wow. I love how God has so many varied gifts in His body.