Thursday, October 8, 2009

wooly bullies

While helping put out our trash for tomorrows pick up my critter loving girl Grace made a great discovery. Four wooly bear caterpillars. Here they all are on her arm- one of them did some duty on her:-}-. It is part of their defense cause she said it itched before she washed it off.

I had never really known what butterfly or moth the woolie bears where from . So Adam ran and got this old book I had- its copyright is 1947:-)- and brought it out. And we found the woolie bears are Isabelle moths.

Shawn kept waving and telling them 'Hi':-) He is such a charmer:-)

What a fun impromptu lesson. It seems since i am not getting around to much that God is bringing the learning to us:-) Made for a fun afternoon anyways. The woollies are in a container with some leaves and sticks for a little while then will be let go. They do hibernate over the winter and need to make thier cocoons soon.


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Oh, how cool! Your kids are so blessed to be able to have such wonderful adventures. Hope you are healing quickly!