Sunday, October 25, 2009

apples and pumpkins

We spent Friday evening at the local nature center-Marshy Point- doing an apples and pumpkins fall program. Our friend Wanda was the naturalist in charge and led a fun evening. It was a rainy night and this proved to be a fun time. Madeline stayed home from her haunted trial cause of the rain but she had a great time here.

The kids painted mini pumpkins- as many as they wanted- in bright colors . Ours will look so pretty on our window sills.All the way till Thanksgiving.

coring out some apples to make baked- or microwaved- apples. And chopping up a few to make blender applesauce.

trying the finished apple sauce -Shawn was happy just eating a plate of raisins.

This was such a fun way to spend a rainy fall evening, not many people came to the event but we had fun, with those who did.


Anonymous said...

Yum! Homemade applesauce!

Beverly said...

that looks like great fun

Madeline said...

Looks like a fun and yummy time! Levi would agree with Shawn...he loves raisins too. said...

i think you are the queen of fun projects! My goodness you are such a busy woman!