Monday, October 26, 2009

Bunny Whisperer

Grace and Madeline volunteer at the local animal shelter and really just love it. They love all the creatures and walk and play with them all. but Grace seems to have a special gift with the bunnies, they chirp when she enters the room and flock around her and climb all over her. She whispers in their ears how sweet and pretty they are and hugs them and gives them ymm-yums.

this is Bun-Bun, this rabbit is so attached to Grace it is funny, he cries when she leaves and will only love on her. He is being adopted though so she stopped to give him a goodbye hug. And to whisper in his ears he will be fine and loved in his new home.

surrounded by the bunnies:-) The one by himself cracks me up he looks like a dog,too cute.Grace loves visiting and loving on all the animals at the shelter ,but she certainly has a way with those bunnies:-)


Beverly said...

how sweet. I think it is great what the girls do.

Madeline said...

Your daughters have such big hearts. Your heart must just burst with pride over them! said...

oh very cute!!