Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boys at Gunpowder Park

This past Thursday while the girls where doing volunteer work at the animal shelter. I took the boys to a local state park . It was a lovely brisk fall day made for playing and exploring all that is around us.And honestly I needed to get out of the house and stretch my legs a bit.So we packed up some snacks, and off we went.

The boys found some lovely leaves and played happily on the playground. Eventually they migrated to sword fights onto the picnic tables- with sticks of course- boys will be boys of course.

having a snack and enjoying the view.It is so pretty here, with many lovely vistas to look at and savor.

After our snacks we took a short hike around the park- theres a ton of trials and such lovely things to see-. We saw some folks fishing and waved hi.


Anonymous said...

hehe, the older boy looks like a jokester!

Beverly said...

looks so pretty there and so fall like

Madeline said...

What a perfect little boy outing!