Thursday, October 1, 2009

digging potatos

we spent last Friday at Cromwell Valley a local park/farm, digging potato's. We had begun this project last spring when we planted a group plot of them in the parks children's garden, lots of schools and other groups come and plant a section of veggies.The day was full of fun and friends.

getting our hands and knees dirty, and digging and pulling up lots of the yummy goodness:-) The children had a blast as did the adults too. it was the end of a fun project we had worked on this summer together- families took a turn at watering and weeding through the summer-.

we had three huge bags of potato's when we where done. we divided them up between six families so we all had a nice amount to take home we baked ours with a ham and green beans for supper. They where very yummy.


5 orange potatoes said...

what a beautiful way to spend time with friends. the garden looks to be in a really beautiful area!


Beverly said...

what a great time!!!

dongdong said...

we love potatoes. What a great reward for all the hard work. There is something special about eating your own grown food.