Friday, October 16, 2009


we are currently reading Frankenstein for our family read aloud, with Halloween upon us it seemed a fitting choice. We are enjoying it , and my step dad has the original movie he is gong to let us watch after we are done. The story has been good so far, we have only gotten past the chapters of the creature being made and of his killing the brother of Frankenstein. We are using a study guide along with it with plenty of discussion and vocabulary to go along with it. It has been a bit rainy this week so it has been a nice time to curl up by the fire and read it together. We should be done this weekend. Then we will begin the Witch Of Blackbird Pond.


BECKY said...

Such a good story!! Have fun with it!! Great way to teach!
Becky said...

i just watched "scare tatic" shows on sci fi with my mother in law!! oh my goodness - scary but funny!! I couldn't stop laughing. I have "the witch of blackbird pond". Now you have me curious enough to read it :-)

Madeline said...

I'll admit, Frankenstein freaked me out a little bit. Glad y'all are enjoying it though!
I think y'all will love The Witch of Blackbird Pond. It was one of my faves!