Friday, May 15, 2009

Get-Well Tea Time

Our sweet Madeline has not been feeling too good this week she has a ear infection ,and pink-eye- which came from the ear infection- . she is on antibiotics and will be okay, but she was feeling a bit blue. You know how you feel sometimes when your under the weather just sorta blah. So her sister and I decided to have our teatime Thursday be a get well tea for Madeline. Adam helped us too, we had tea while Shawn napped , he did get a pudding and cupcake later though. Anyhow we wanted her to know we loved her and wanted her to smile. Soooo-

I mixed up the muffins and pudding early in the morning so the muffins could cool and the pudding could set. Pumpkin muffins are a favorite of ours and since I have canned pumpkin on hand I figured why not besides all the spices are soothing and have healing properties to them.

the muffins and pudding all on a pretty plate ready to make a girls day a bit brighter

enjoying the soothing teatime treats, the girls had raspberry tea, Adam had hot coco, and I had Earl Grey tea. Madeline was happy to be treated to a tea just to cheer her up and make her feel better and let her know she is very much loved she just smiled, and Adam and Grace had so much fun making a treat for her they where full of smiles too.As the saying goes better to give then to receive.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

What fun for a sick girl! I love Earl Grey and the pumpkin muffins look yummy! Hope she's feeling better soon!

Beverly said...

so sweet!!! Looks so good too! Hope she is feeling better soon!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

I haven't had tea time in TOO long... maybe that's what wrong with me!

Madeline said...

That sounds like a big ole' recipe to make any sick girl smile!! Some people can't function without their coffee...personally, I'm a tea girl myself. And, Earl Grey is one of my faves!! Hope Madeline gets well soon!

Molly said...

Oh that must be painful. I Hope Madeline is feeling better! Love that name by the way. Pumpkin cupcakes sound so yummy. I can almost smell them now.
God Bless,

Bookworm said...

Hi there!

I have given you a "Sisterhood" Blog Award!

Thank you for being my blogging buddy!


Kayce and Robbie said...

I think Pumpkin muffins would make me feel better. What a sweet idea.

casablanca said...

what a sweet inspiring mother! thank you for dropping by casablanca, and i look forward to reading more about your beautiful family.

(seriously, get-well tea time is such a thoughtful idea, mama.)