Thursday, October 9, 2008

a refreshing time of year

Autumn has to be the best time of the year. or at least its my favorite. When else does a huge roasting turkey smell so good, or pumpkin and sweet potato pies. It is a wonderful season o need for the heat or air.The kids can be outside from morning to night- mine usually are-and then be out at night dancing under the harvest moon.

And theres lots of orange around which is my favorite color.Looking across the fields the leaves are now beginning to slowly change and put on their wonderful show of color. Soon we will be raking them and jumping in huge piles of them.:-) Time for the annual photo of the kids in the leaves.

I always feel energized and refreshed this time of year. In the same note, I also love to cook comfy meals and gather close to read stories and do craft projects, and talk. I also love taking long hikes in the fields to see the hand of god at work. What wondrous sites await.This is also the time to gather bags of pinecones for wreaths for Christmas. I quess we can do that soon, we usually go on Thanksgiving morning and gather then come home and go to my moms for dinner. It is a fun tradition we really love.

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