Thursday, October 30, 2008

house fire

our neighbors house burned to the ground last night, it was such a horrible, horrific thing, I don;t ever want to see that again ever. It was such a hot fast fire, it was almost surreal. My children are very nervous and anxious now. and Doug everytime the wind blows or he hears a siren he is up. The house is maybe 20 feet away from us so flames touched our house also, our siding,windows,roof, are damamged we have smoke smell in our house, the outside air is saturated with the smell of burned metal. We could see the flames just engulfing our house as the wind blew them over. Thanks god it had rained as hard as it did the night before, and also the home was made of cinder block, which kept the fire contained in the house and not letting it just go wild. our prayers are with the neighbor, and a firemen who was hurt fighting the fire.

And the talk is she set the fire, which I pray is not true, how horrible is that. I mean that would intentionaly be risking all our lives and the neighbors on her other side as well-who also have major damage to their homes- ,not to mention the fear in my kids-Adam won;t leave my side, Madeline has a stomache ache, Grace is very chatty and loud, .And like I said Doug is a wreck, My throat huris from smoke, and my nerves are shot.

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