Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Apple Adventures

we began our day by baking an apple pie together, everyone helped, Madeline and I peeled and sliced the apples, Grace stirred them with the lemon juice and spices, and Adam helped with the crust. It really turned out yummy and so pretty.What a fun project.

This is my favortie time of year, when it is coo out and cozy inside, its fun to play int he crisp air then come in for a cozy evening with hot coco and snuggle on the blankets and watch the holiday movies- we love Hocus Pocus- , We look forward to RAVEN Football on sundays and love throwing the football in the yard with the kids.

And everything smells so good, cinnamony,oatmealy, and spicy fires at night and gooey marshmellows . Fall leavs are so colorful and a witness to all of the lords glory, as he gives us a firey show on the trees.

Happy Fall:

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