Saturday, October 18, 2008

lost in the corn maize

last night we went ot a corn maize with Madeline's teen group- a group of homeschooled teens and tweens- at Brads Produce in Churchville. It was a fun night, the boys and I played in a straw maize, and went on a hayride while the girls went with their friends into the huge maize. It was at night so it was done with flashlights, the kids found the way through it pretty well about an hour or so . Not bad really.

Madeline's friends are so nice her one friend Sophia gave Grace a piggy back ride through the maize, and they just stuck together and had a fun time. One of the fellows- Joesph- fell in a hole and sprained his ankle, and the other boys carried him out. This is such an amazing group of kids and they are awesome to know. and if you watch them with ps teens you can see the subtle differences in them. Like boys and girls being friends and not quite worried about all the dating drama yet. They all just like hanging out. And theres not a lot of clique behavior or the pressure of having to look or dress a certain way they are free to be individuals and are accepted for that . It is refreshing to see. I realize some teen drama will happen,but, these kids seem to have a hold on who they are and where they are going with life. None of them are rude to their parents or think its uncool to have mom hang out with them. They are grounded in their values and most have real compassion for others and for other creatures of the planet not just themselves. Children are accepted for themselves, not judged on color, speech, religion, handicaps ecc, they are seen as equal human beings and all are welcome to hang out together.
homeschooling is such a blessing and it really shows as the kids get older and start to spread their wings and become individual in their thinking.

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