Tuesday, October 28, 2008

lots of carved pumpkins

we spent last night carving pumpkins with the kids in the additon which is not completed yet, but is a great place for a messy family activity and its warm and cozy. The kids had a great time carving, we carved a lot of pumpkins we have 12 of them:-)we even lit them and turned off the lights to get a look, and they are quite the spectacle to see:-)

This was a great family night great way to burn off energy and just be together.We have really been focusing on doing stuff with the family, and just being together. I guess Doug said it best Madeline is 13 we have maybe 4 more years with her, wanting to be with us most of the time. Then she willbe working, dating-agggh-, volunteering, college etc.., and her time willnot be so family focused anymore. And I plan to enjoy the time we do have to the fullest we can.

Our children are our greatest blessings and our time is short with them , lets make the most of it, sing and dance, read books, cuddle together, marvel at the wonders around us,, bake cookies, and build gingerbread houses, and paint birdfeeders, go fishing, hiking, biking, camping, bowling,skating laser tagging. Play board games, and make funny faces, walk the dog, and laugh, just love being with them and guiding them and watching them become the people god wants them to be. It is such a gift to be here day after day helping them grow and put down strong roots in the lord and the family, giving them the knowledge to go out and change the world and the courage to not let anyone or anything get in their way.

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