Friday, July 11, 2008

a very tight budget

well with things going as they are and nothing getting cheaper, we are at the tightest budget we have ever had. I mean I am feeding all of us next week on $50, but I know it can be done.I just am feeling a bit unsettled, I hate having to budget every penny. But with fule going up and up and up and elctric, and home heating I often wonder how we will make it.But some how we always seem to do.I am in th eprocess of learning how to make our own bread- can;t be thaat difficult- .

We have so much to be greatful for, plenty of clothes, and toys, we have the pool, and good neighbors to hang out with in the evenings, and theres always lightning bugs to chase, and ducklings to feed scrapes to and frogs and butterflies to chase. They all have bikes and skates,- and scabs and bruises to prove it:-)- and Madeline has a skateboard .And the girls are going to New York City in two weeks with my mom so they will have some fun and excitement this summer.

The effort is to find things that are cheap or free to do this year, many of our homeschool friends are also in this situation, since most are on one income, they are stretching that budget as tight as it can go as well.But on the upside that means we are all looking for fun things for the kdis to do and we have found some great deasl- the dollar bowling at Perry Hall, movie days at homes, swimming at our pool, free/openhouses at area museums, etc..Vacation Bible School at the churches and theres always parks and playgrounds.Not many of us are going on vacations this year , it seems most folks are sticking close to home and discovering all our great state has to offer. and have great ideas and offers to see . things I have neverheard of and I have lived here my whole life- 40 years-.

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