Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a grown-up conversation

last night at dinner we had a very interesting discussion with Madeline, about the oppression of other countries, and how we take for granted the freedoms we have here in our naton. She was talking about how in China,Korea and many middle eastern countries, you go to jail or worse if you have a bible or pray to Jesus.

It was really interesting to hear her thougths on some tough subjects. And it was really nice to have such a grown-up well thought out discusson with her, she always amazes me as she grows into a young women. And it made me smile inside because as a homeschooler we get asked alot if they are missing out on stuff, and whenever we get questioned. One of them does or says something that just blows the public school kids out of the water- thanks Jesus:-)-.

I have tried sometimes to have a discussion with some of the other kids in the neighborhood and its impossible most times they are so into the way the look, having the latest gadget, or flirting with some boy/girl, they can;t focus on other things. And I think beign able to hold a conversation is one of the most improtant life skills to have, it will carry you far to beable to speak, and discuss and defend what you think. In an intellegent way with sound logic behind it.

What a blessing it is to be able to give that to the kids, and see them blossom into beautiful, interesting people. Ones true intellgence comes across when you speak and how you act and presetn yourself not on a bunch of worksheets.

yes I think homeschooling proves itself often:-)

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