Monday, July 21, 2008

sprinkler fun

whew! it is still muggy outside,but we made the most of it. We had a huge water gun fight with the kids next door-Kristen and Jessie, my neighbors grand kids-,Adam had four water guns going and they had several as well, it was fun. Then we had fu in our sprinkler, mom and pop got Adam and Shawn a Sponge bob sprinkler, and two new balls- spider man and little Einsteins- to play with. They had a great night. We also had T.J. and Victoria join in the fun for awhile, it is so fun to get outside and run and play with the kids.
Needless to say it didin;t take the boys long to get to sleep tonight .Come to think of it daddy went to bed pretty quickly as well.
Quess I am the night owl around here. Of course its the time of day I can sit and think and enjoy the quiet , knowing all my chicks are tucked in to there comfy beds and resting well. It brings a peace to now all is well, and good tonight.

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