Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a couple of great park/beach days

We have spent the last two days at the beach, at Gunpowder Hammerman, which is 5 minutes from the house. Yesterday we went with the preschool group and did lessons on the beach it was fun.
Today we went for a birthday for a good friends daughter, and we had so much fun, most of the homeschool tween group was there, so that made it fun for the girls. Adam and Shawn loved playing on the beach and in the water, and it is just shallow enough Shawn and Adam can splash about and not be scared. Today there was a lot of seaweed floating around the kids had piles of it on there heads and all over it was pretty funny, and Grace founf buckets of clams to look at, I think a cup of them came home I believe they are on the kitchen counter in a cup.Quess I had better chekc that out so the poor guys don;t die there.
I know I am very red from these last two days of sun and fun and am sorta looking forward to a quiet day tommorow. I know the kids are all tired and their appetites have been huge these last two nights. Fresh air and swimming will do that to you.Well off to put tea bags on my back.

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