Thursday, July 10, 2008

theater, and swimming and cooking

we had a very very busy day today. We are in a homeschool theater group and are putting on a production of A Million Cats in the fall and are meeting weekly for rehersals and scenery making and all that stuff. Today went very well. Madeline is the narrator and Grace and Adam are cats, they are all doing pretty well. It is a great group of moms who really want to be involved with this group and we have been discussing a production for the winter/spring already- a Dr.Seussical:-)

After theater Khyron and Jiro came and went swimming with us for awhile. it is always fun to have them over. they are our extended family.

Then Madeline helped cook dinner she is getting into cooking alot latley and enjoys helping out in the kitchen, we are going to get into some home ec stuff this year with her.She has baked several cakes and decorated them for her dad and really likes that. Earlier this year her girlscout troop went on a visit to another moms home who gave a decorating session the cakes the girls didi in just that one session where really amzing.Madeline's favorite show ,btw, is Ace Of Cakes on Food Network.

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