Wednesday, July 9, 2008

planning for the next school year

is going on now. I am planning to start full lessons in two weeks- we are still doing math and spelling these we do year round-. We are going to start with a unit on our governmetn systrem, go into elelctions- since it is relevant to whats happening now-, and then go into the presidents. we should finish this by Novemeber. At which time , we break for the holiday briefly, and do the Christmas season. Then we are planning to do the Prairie Primer- a unit study on Little House on The Prarie, which will take us into the westward expansion, the pony express, gold rush, and transcontinential railroad. From there we will begin the Civil War in the spring.

We will also be doing Biology,the seasons-with Grace and Adam-, and Botany.

This year we will be focusing on copywork, writting skills, spelling, grammer etc..

We are also planning to do a course in Logic and Latin. So should be a fun and meaningful year.

Busy,Busy ,Busy

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