Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Express

This past Saturday we went on a train ride in Delaware, with my dad and step mom, this was their Easter gift to the kids. Which was a wonderful treat. Shawn especially is my train buff he carries his woo-woo's - as he calls them- everywhere he goes. We couldn;t have asked for a better day the weather was fabulous, the company lively, and the kids where wonderfully behaved.

meeting the bunny, we did this on the train as well, but it was so nice outside and Shawn actually liked the rabbit I was surprised he isn;t too keen on those costumed characters.

in our seats having a wonderful ride. We where at the begining of the train right by the doors that the conductors used. Much to the kids delight this is where the bunny cam out of. And the man with the trolley full of goodies, just like on The Hogwarts Train, the kids asked him if he ahd any magic choclate frogs, he checked and was out of them that

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after the train ride we watched them fill the boiler up with water- just like Thomas does- Shawn just loved this.And it seemed like a moment from yest er year.

Thanks to my dad and step mom for a lovely day out, our train loving family had a great time:-)And Shawn will have sweet choo dreams for along time to come:-)


Beverly said...

wow, this is great. You guys do the best things.

Madeline said...

Fun times! Levi would love a train ride.

Rachel said...

My son would have loved that! He is crazy about Thomas! Found you through the forum THL, glad you are part of our homeschooling preschoolers group.

Sharon said...

What great photos of the family and they time you got to spend. What a great gift.'
Thanks for sharin