Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hiking The Mill

On a recent family outing we went to Jerusalem Mill , and spent a fun family day exploring the mill, gun shops, blacksmith shops and hiking the trails.

Crossing the stepping stones, and king of the hill:-)
And of course what adventure is complete without a snack.

The mill from the trail we toured the buildings as well, and had a wonderful time, there where costumed reenactors and guides to talk to.
And the view from a bridge:-)

walking the trails, and exploring under the roots of fallen trees. and a funny family photo, it is always hard to get all of us in pictures, but Doug found a way:-)

the flora and fauna, Adam loved these fungus formations on the trees.

This turned into the perfect family day out, everyone enjoyed exploring and laughing together.Where will our hiking shoes take us next:-)


Madeline said...

Y'all must live in the best town. You are always going on such wonderful outings.

Beverly said...

such a beautiful place. great photos

Harvey said...

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