Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Defenders of Animal Rights Field Trip

We recently went on a field trip with one of the home school groups we hang around with to a local animal shelter. we actually have gone to this shelter a few times before and have a cat from here. The trip began with a talk by a worker on how to treat animals, and how the shelter runs, then we where able to visit and love the animals- our favorite part of the trip.

We spent alot of our visit in the cat rooms with the sweet -and some of them very scared- kitties.

we played with two very sweet and very bouncy puppies, Lucy and Sparky.

We always leave this shelter feeling so happy inside, it is a no kill shelter, and all the animals are treated with such love and respect, it truly brightens your day. To see that at least here the scales of justice are equal for all of Gods Creatures

2 comments: said...

very sweet pics!

Beverly said...

i just love your field trips