Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First boo-Boo of the summer season

Summer hasn;t begun unitl theres a first boo-boo,;-) Well ours happened this weekend when Shawn slipped off the pool ladder and hit the bricks-literally- . he hit his head over his eye and his arm I think he twisted. I was at the time right next to him helping Adam out of his life jacket so he go to potty and the next thing I know Shawn came down pretty quickly. He was a bit dazed and seemed in shock so we took a fun trip to the local E.R. where it was decided he was more scared then anything. And i had a few more gray hairs then I began the day with.

So I am so thankful to God for catching him cause this phot could be alot worse. Head injuries can be serious.


Beverly said...

so glad all is well! ER trips are always so scary. Hope you guys have a wonderful summer!

dongdong said...

Glad he is okay! I have often thought of you.