Friday, March 26, 2010

flood in a jar

in our new testament studies we where at the story of Noah and how fossils and layers of sediment can be explained. Fossils are created when animals/plants are buried quickly in mud- as in the flood of Noah-. So we made a smaller version in a jar, we began by adding dirt, sand ,rocks, bark ,leaves etc.. in to the jar

adding in the water and a few extra leaves rocks, and whatever else we found. Then put the lid on and shake it hard like a hard rain would stir it all up.

all our matrials in the jar, watching it settle- Shawn could not take his eyes off of this, and gave it another shake.

settling after about 30 minutes, you cans see defined layers beginning.

we let it sit for a week and the water became very clear as everything settled, and we saw how some leaves got trapped in between layers of sediment much like animals and plants did during Noah's flood to create fossils.

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Beverly said...

what a great project. thanks for the idea!