Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tea today and first snow flurries

we had a tea time this afternoon, with homemade vanilla scones and whipped creme-homemade as well- Madeline had green tea, me my decaf, and Grace and Adam had hot coco, Shawn had juice. Adam helped me whip the creme for the scones he turned on the mixer for me:-) And he and Grace helped lick the beater:-) I love doing tea with them, and love baking with them

We also had our first snow flurries, this afternoon, which made for a blustery day, so it was a good day for some cozy tea and baking - which we have been doing alot lately-. The kids did go out tonight and run around like crazy in the flurries ,I am sure the neighbors think we are crazy,but sometimes the advantage to being home schooled is you can play outside in the evening and not worry about homework or getting up too early the next day:-)We spent the rest of the night reading various books, the kids brought to me, everyone listened- even daddy and Madeline-. WE have the fire going with a pot simmering with cinnamon and cloves so it is a very cozy snugly fall feeling night/day.

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