Sunday, November 16, 2008

sunday ramblings

It is a chilly brisk fall day today. WE are watching the Ravens lose to the Giants- unfortunately-. The kids are loving all over Ruby, and playing some board games. I am roasting a prk tenderloin with garic and roesemay and thyme, and it is smelling amazing int he house. The fireplace is giving off a cozy warmth, it is a nice snuggely day.I am going to bake some scones and hot coco after dinner tonight .

Madeline just got back from a church outing to deliver food,blankets, and coats to the homeless in the city, she is quiet says she feels good about helping those people. But she seems to be in deep thought about the people she saw, maybe its the fact they are so thakful for a cup of bean soup and a scarf, and thats all they have, when we have so much. It does make you thnk about folks with mcuh bigger problems then yours. I pray this is someth8ing she does through the winter this year and the lord uses it to reach in her heart and soul and fill her with his love ,compassion, and grace for those around her. She is a good apple:-) And she is becoming quite the young women, I know she will do amazing things in her life. I kow how blessed we are to know here and be able to see her go out and become her:-)

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