Thursday, November 27, 2008


the firemen who saved our house.

The sunshine that is out this morning

the macy's parade

our health

our lovely children no matter how silly and crazy they may be

living in a country with the greatest freedoms in the world.

family who is dear to us.

strong morals and values

laughing at ourselves

choclate chip cookies fresh from the oven

puppies and kittens

the changing seasons each with a wonderous beauty only god could create

classic old holiday movies

Snoopy and Charlie Brown:-)

a hot cup of tea with friends

a good book by the fireplace

learning new things with the kids and on my own.

peace from the living god

pillow fights

leftover turkey and stuffing -YUM!

our countries rich heritage and history and the gift to teach it to our children and to be able to take them toplaces so they can see it.

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