Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grace's 8th birthday party

was last night at Kids First Swim. it went very well she had lots of friends and family to share her night with her, and she loves the pool, this one is very warm and soothing so its a good place to go to have a fall party and still have a lot of summer type fun:-).

Pop and Grandma came over afterwards and met Ms.Ruby, who is becoming a huge pat of the family she is not shy and hiding anymore, she is all over the place and is quite at home now, and at midnight quite playful, so she is a bit of a night owl:-) Hope this leads to night time mouse hunting as we have one somewhere in the kitchen and I can;t stand it.

We also watched Grace open her gifts she got some nice things a couple of dolls and pet shop stuff, and some neat animal type things- sea monkeys and a frog habitat. So it should be a fun living classroom this winter:-)

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