Wednesday, July 1, 2009

prayers for Nicole

My cousin Nicole who is pictured above in the orange shirt with my kids at her recent birthday party- she is 20-. Was in the hospital yesterday she was having a hard time breathing and had severe chest pains, after some tests, they discovered she has a split in her sternum- the bone that connects your ribs-.they are sending her to a specialist. Not sure how serious this is but I am thinking its not a good thing, . So please keep her in your prayers, she is young and just beginning her adult life.
Also my Uncle who is very upset the hospital did a terrible job with her- left her in the waiting room for over 2 hours, with chest pains, and did not do an e.k.g, or anything .Today she goes to their family doctor to get the referrals for further tests.
I pray for comfort and peace and real answers to what is going on with her, and a treatment to heal her.

thanks ladies your awesome.


BECKY said...

Oh Toni, I will be praying for her, sweetie. Sounds painful. Keep us updated, ok?

Have a blessed day, friend,

Lisa said...

The poor thing, that sounds terrible and very painful. Did she break it or something? Weird how the strenum can have a split in it without knowing it previously. I can't believe the hospital didn't do an ekg. However, I'm not surprised about the 2 hour wait; with a mother that visits the ER frequently I have seen how unprepared hospitals are. It scares me acutually.

I send my best to your cousin and your family. I hope she heals quickly.


dongdong said...

Oh, sorry to hear that. It's good the doctors figured it out but I feel the pain of the 2 hour wait. I will keep her in my prayers.

Blessings each day said...

Just as a 'heads up'...years ago when my mother was in the ER with chest pains and not being seen, I went up and asked nicely if it is normal to let a person with a possible heart attack or cardiac arrest just wait? She was put in a room immediately, then when no one showed up STILL, I pulled out her chart and started reading it and walking around the hallway which caused a medic to say that I shouldn't and he got a doctor right away!! Sad, isn't it???

Will be keeping her in prayer, Toni!



Erin said...

Hi Toni.. so sorry to hear about your cousin. I went to the hospital once after a severe allergic reaction and had to wait forever too.. it was ridiculous! I pray that she gets the attention and care that she needs and heals soon.

It sounds as though our ideas on schooling methods are very similar. I am planning to start this fall, but have already worked a little with my oldest using the Charolotte Mason method. I look forward to reading your posts! :)

Madeline said...

I'm definitely praying for peace and healing for her.

Beverly said...

we will keep her in our prayers. let us know how she is doing.

Thanks for prayers for Noah!

Kado! said...

oh...that is scary...I hope she heals fast!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Oh that's awful! And how sad that she was ignored in the emergency room for 2 hours complaining of chest pains. They probably ignored her because of her age. But still a complaint letter is in order! Hoping she feels better!! said...

i'm sorry about your neice :-) i will keep her in prayer. since i'm an ER nurse, i can tell you that its a hard situation. you can only fit so many people in rooms, run so many labs, send the doctor into so many people, etc in a time period. its overwhelming at times and everybody is mad their not being seen sooner. not to say she should have to suffer, its just that ERs are never set up or staffed to see people as fast as they want to be seen. healthcare as a whole needs lots of help. thank God there is prayer because if we all put our faith in the medical world we would be in a world of trouble. i've spent many shifts almost running up and down the halls trying to help people as fast and as efficient as i could and still kept people waiting hours. the best thing i can do is look at the person and follow my gut instinct. in most i have worked in unless the person is in obious heart failure, hemmorhaging out or missing body parts (impending death) they end up waiting with discomfort. i'm so sorry for your bad experience, but its like that every where i've ever worked. usually 20 year old chest pain is anxiety, a blood clot, pnemonia or trauma related, asthma, drug related, etc , all of that usually waits if the rooms are full. (trouble breathing with pink skin is triaged different than trouble breathing thats grey and non ambulatory) i am so sorry she had such a bad experience. May she receive a quick healing and recovery.

i love your fishing pics - fun fun fun. your boy looks like he is having the time of his life and what an ugly fishy!!

Lisa said...

Toni, how is your cousin doing? I hope she is better.