Friday, July 10, 2009

our first harvest:-)

this was our plant two weeks ago, getting big and beautiful, just wanting some sunny days- lots of rain this year-, to get red and juicy .

all red and pretty on the vine, we have had a wet cool summer not what tomatoes like but it has been dry the past two weeks and this guy finally ripened up. The plants have all been double staked cause they are so loaded with green ones they are falling all over.

our first pickins of the season:-) I was very excited, I love fresh from the garden warm tomatoes, so good.The kids are excited too, they have been the ones weeding and picking off the bugs, so its nice to get a result, and a yummy one at that.

I know its a very small harvest but its a start we have lot of green tomatoes on the vines so we should be over run with them soon, I am hoping to make some homemade salsa with them. This one is going to be sliced up and will be a nice little snack this afternoon.

Now if only my squash would do something seriously lots of yellow flowers not a single squash or zucchini.Oh well , maybe since its warmer they will get pollinated and we will get a few, I love making fresh zucchini bread, and having fresh spaghetti squash,


Blessings each day said...

What a gorgeous tomato, Toni! The bugs are really enjoying mine, so I hope they will at least share!

Will have to post my baby watermelons soon.

blessings always,


dongdong said...

That's wonderful, Toni. What a great looking tomato. All that hard work paid off nicely. I also like to make zucchini bread. :)

Yaya said...

Wow! We have yet to get one bulb growing on our tomato plants :(

Beverly said...

looks so yummy. Noah would love some of those!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What GREAT pictures! Enjoy your harvest! said...

i just had fun catching up on your last few posts. Been a busy week! I wish my tomatoes looked like that! Mine are just a couple inches high with a flower or two on them. I also enjoyed the pirate pics. Looks like your family had a wonderful time. The Sesame Street photos makes me wish that I was back at home watching Sesame Street eating a cookie instead of having adult responsibilities! Really - how fun! You are doing so many fun things with your kids :-) They will have great memories.

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Yum -- this looks delicious! We have some decent sized tomatoes right now and are just waiting for them to turn red. Although, we may have to pick some to eat fried green tomatoes soon!

BECKY said...

Way to go, Toni!! My daughter did a garden and it has had some issues. I simply don't have sunshine for a garden here. My yard is too shaded!!

Your tomatoes look great, and are a good sign of what's to come from your garden!! MMM....fresh salsa!! My fave!!
Have a joyful week!

Madeline said...

Gorgeous!! I love homegrown veggies...especially tomatoes. They are just so delicious. My zucchini are doing the same thing. We've had one zucchini and about a million flowers. Can't wait for more.