Friday, February 27, 2009

Paddel to The Sea

We finished up this part of our Geography Unit today. It is a part of a unit study based on the Hollings C Hollings books. This story focused on a toy indian that a boy carved and placed into the lake hopping he would travel through the Great Lakes and make it to the sea. It was a fun way to learn the Great Lakes and lots of information about the states around them. We had a lot of fun making our maps, and coloring the routes, we studied Iron Ore- which is mined in the lakes - and Copper also mined off little island in Lake Superior. Learned the States ad the major cities along the way.

Next we start a Tree In The Trail and its about Native Americans. Should be fun.

I love using living books to study with a story that can be used for learning and make the learning fun. I have bee following Charlotte Masons style of learning for a while and each year try to embrace more of it, this year we are doing almost nothing but living books what a treat they are. We read a biography of Helen Keller and Noah Webster, and are beginning one on Abraham Lincoln. Such great characters to know what great christian influences to look up to. Louis Pasture is next and his hunt for microbes:-) Should be interesting.

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