Thursday, February 26, 2009

our science unit - is Botany

we are doing a Botany unit this year, which sounds really good when your five and eight year olds tell people they are learning Botany at home:-)Anyhow we are using the Apologia- -Creation Using Botany- program we have done other by them- Astrology was a favorite. So I know we will like this one. We already have tons of seeds sprouting everywhere- pine trees in the kitchen window, banana trees too, sunflowers, blacked eyed Susan's- Doug's Favorite-, and a couple other flowers on my freezer, lettuce, tomatoes, squash and peppers in the loft in our room- so this seems like the time to do this.

We are also doing the experiment where you put white carnations water with food color and the flower changes color- it shows how water moves up the flower- our carnation is now a pretty blue. Oh and we have carrot tops rooting in our window too., and the girls are growing a container of grasses for the cat.

So this unit should take us to the next level.

We also have a fun game The Garden Game to play which everyone can join in and have fun with. The kids will also be designing a pizza garden- peppers ,onions , tomatoes etc. And we will also be updating our butterfly garden. So lots of fun and learning and growing going on here.

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