Monday, February 23, 2009

Grace's letter to the White House

we had been discussing some serious issues lately-abortion, because we saw protesters on our way to a movie the other day and there really is no way to sugar coat that topic. It is what it is, a death of a baby. we discussed why someone would do this and how there really is not a good reason for it,- and how in Gods eyes its a life once it is conceived, not just a mass of cells floating around,- there are many other options, like letting a family who would love it have it.- Well my kids are really concerned about this, and Grace decided to write a letter to the President,telling him how wrong this is and for him to not support legislation to make it easier to have them and not pay for them in other parts of the world either. I am quite proud of her, after all if you do nothing you cannot complain. And standing up for the most innocent of us, is what Jesus calls us to do. I know he is smiling down on her today, she has the courage of a lion :-)

It always amazes me where the Lord will place things in our lives, I actually would not of noticed the protesters, had a truck not stopped to back up in front of and taken a long time to do it. So it was something for some reason he wanted us to see and discuss- and those posters where very graphic, not what I was prepared for .But I just set and calmly answered questions and let them lead the conversation, It was amazing to me that even 4 year old Adam understood this.

It certainly was a health lesson from the one true teacher of us all.

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