Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February thoughts and Ramblings

this actually is one of my favorite months- I know I am a bit odd- but I love winter wish we actually got snow here, our area either gets nothing or gets icy slushy icky yuck no fun at all. I like the fact that it brings us in and causes us to be together more often, we play games, read by the fire, dress-up, paint, draw, color, cook and bake wonderful things , we get lots of school done. And we have amazing conversations we watch movies and laugh we had movie marathon on Friday when everyone was sick we watched both Narnia movies, they are favorites. We also love to have tea on chilly afternoons, we have a huge selection of flavors so it is always new

. We make treats for the birds and watch all our visitors and keep track of who we see, we always get someone new each year we have not seen before. Of course we always get the neighborhood squirrels, I swear we see so many I think they come from other areas, just to raid our feeders:-)But that's OK too, it keeps the dog busy chasing them all day. The kids love taking the old bread around to the water and feeding the ducks and seagulls they are so fun to watch Shawn laughs so hard at the loud noise they make.

Of course we do go outside- we are the family who will run around singing in the rain after all-. We spend many afternoons/evenings at our nature center hiking and doing classes, last week we did a night hike that was so fun we saw three shooting stars and several constellations, it was such a clear pretty night.

And this weekend we started our seeds for spring, so out house is a growing blooming place inside and out:-)


pam said...

Oh, I am so jealous of you starting your seeds. How wonderful they will be. My neighbour is always doing this, her kitchen is full. Amazing!!

DiPaola Momma said...

okay.. where to start.. FIRST hey neighbor! I only make it up to Whitemarsh to hit IKEA (though the newer one in College park is closer, I think). Second, I hate unproductive cold! Now if it's snowing, wooyah! But what we got maybe four inches all total this year, fooie. Third, I have that same pic of my four birdies in the nest at the B-more zoo.. maaaan us cool chicks think alike!

4th and 5th.. WELCOME to the Nuggets!! and I've clicken for you for Click Fest today!!

Laura said...

Wish we had a nature center around closer to us. Oh well. Spreading blogger bailout love --click click-- Have a great day! Laura